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Lesson 13

Prepositional Phrases

A. Remember the following prepositional phrases.

for hire/rentfor sure/certainon boardin public
at leastby post/air mailin shortin cash
in the first placeon an excursionon one's ownby chance
on scheduleby accidentfor instanceby cheque
for a changein other wordson a trip/tourin a good/bad mood
on the moveat oncein private 


Examination Practice

B. Read the following sentences and complete them with prepositions in, on, at, under or without.

1. All assignments are due tomorrow without fail.

2. A computer chooses the lottery at random.

3. Our house has been on the market for over two months but we haven't been able to sell it yet.

4. Everyone was in a state of shock after the devastating news.

5.I was at a loss for words when I was told I had won the prize.

6. The road works in progress are responsible for the traffic jams.

7. I can't go out tonight. I'm feeling a bit under the weather.

8. The train is in sight. It will be pulling in any minute now.

9. Dianne was refused entry to the club because she was under age.

10. Final-year students are under a lot of pressure to pass their exams.

11. I have bought this gym equipment on approval. I can return it within fifteen days.

12. My wife isn't here at the moment because she's away on business.


Examination Practice

C. Read the text and insert the right prepositions in the spaces provided.

A woman 0 in blue jeans stood 1 at the window 2 of an expensive shop. Though she hesitated 3 for a moment, she finally went 4 in and asked to see a dress that was 5 in the window. The assistant who served her did not like the way she was dressed. Glancing 6 at her scornfully, he told her that the dress was sold. The woman walked 7 out 8 of the shop angrily and decided to punish the assistant next day. She returned 9 to the shop the following morning dressed 10 in a fur coat, 11 with a handbag 12 in one hand and a long umbrella 13 in the other. 14 After seeking 15 out the rude assistant she asked 16 for the same dress. Not realizing who she was, the assistant was eager to serve her this time. 17 With great difficulty, he climbed 18 into the shop window to get the dress. As soon as she saw it, the woman said she did not like it. She enjoyed herself making the assistant bring almost everything 19 in the window before finally buying the dress she has first asked 20 for.


Examination Practice

D. Use the question words below to complete the special questions.


what where when why whom whose how
how long how many how much


1. Why did Betty do her classes so quickly?

2. How many classes have you got today?

3. What did George buy?

4. Where did Alice go for a weekend?

5. How much does it cost?

6. How long have you been waiting for them?

7. Whom does he know from the newspaper?

8. Whose car is this?

9. How did she get to her office yesterday?

10. When did Kate move to the country?


Examination Practice

E. Report the statements.

1. Betty said to Lucy, "I'm sorry to disturb you." - Betty told Lucy she was sorry to disturb her.

2. Dan said, "I've missed my bus, I'll be late and my boss will be angry." - Dan said he'd missed his bus, he would be late and his boss would be angry.

3. The girl said to her friends, "I didn't go to the stadium yesterday." - The girl told her friends she hadn't gone to the stadium the previous day.

4. My brother said, "I'm talking on the phone now." - My brother said he was talking on the phone then.

5. Nora says to Jack, "I'll tell you what to do." - Nora tells Jack she will tell him what to do.

6. Lora said, "I wish I had something to eat." - Lora said she wished she had something to eat.

7. Bill said, "I've been ill for a fortnight." - Bill said he had been ill for a fortnight.

8. She said, "I've never set eyes on him in my life." - She said she had never set eyes on him in her life.

9. He said, "Bill wants to know if you are free tomorrow." - He said Bill wanted to know if she were free the next day.

10. Jane says, "When the doorbell rang I was playing the violin." - Jane says when the doorbell rang she was playing the violin.


Examination Practice

F. Report the questions.

1. She asked him, "Why did you make me go out tonight?" - She asked him why he had made her go out that night.

2. I said to Jim, "Where were you last month?" - I asked Jim where he had been the previous month.

3. She says to me, "Do you think it is right?" - She asks me if I think it is right.

4. The writer said to the editor, "Will the book have been published by spring?" - The writer asked the editor if the book would have been published by spring.

5. He says, "What are you doing there, Liz?" - He asks Liz what she is doing there.

6. She asked me, "Are these articles still being printed?" - She asked me if those articles were still being printed.

7. He said to her, "Why don't you spend a few days with Alice?" - He asked her why she did not spend a few days with Alice.

8. Lilly asked Kate, "Have you got married?" - Lilly asked Kate if they had got married.

9. Lucy asked John, "Why wasn't the doctor sent for?" - Lucy asked John why the doctor hadn't been sent for.

10. He said to Jim, "When was all this decided?" - He asked Jim when all that had been decided.


Examination Practice

G. Report the following requests and orders.

1. The teacher, "Don't be late, Peter." - The teacher asked Peter not to be late.

2. The guard, "Turn back." - The guard ordered to turn back.

3. George, "Don't speak over the phone when I'm listening to music, Betty." - George asked Betty not to speak over the phone when he was listening to music.

4. The guide, "Mind the step." - The guide asked to mind the step.

5. Mother, "Don't eat so many cakes, children." - Mother asked children not to eat so many cakes.

6. Peter, "Wait for me, Ann." - Peter asked Ann to wait for him.

7. The teacher, "Don't forget to take your textbook, Jim." - The teacher asked Jim not to forget to take his textbook.

8. Mum, "Remember to post the letter, Kate." - Mum asked Kate to remember to post the letter.

9. Sue, "Don't leave the door open." - Sue asked not to leave the door open.

10. The officer, "Open the fire." - The officer ordered to open the fire.