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What Is Your Way?

What Is Your Way?

English learners are eager to ask questions about different countries and cultures, about the children of their age. Students are interested in making new friends, pen-pals. The Internet technologies allow everyone to connect people with the use of highly developed means. As for me, I strive telling my students all the best information about English-speaking countries and their people. Facing the challenge of misunderstanding - international dissociation "printed" marks on every representative of a country and culture. I've recently recieved several issues of "The New York Times" sent from the USA and unfortunately, I was disappointed when reading the article "Haunting a 'Bear'" with a large photo of a 'great' Georgia's soldier.

We love children of our country, all cultures. You can't stand smiling at a cute baby, can you? Every child is a part of all our future and our planet. I try to show my students the best side of the coin - the traditions and progressive achievements of mankind. I am happy to know from my foreign colleagues and friends any news and happy to take part in any collaborative networks, creating and sharing my workshops at international conferences. Some kinds of press, politics and other unpleasant stuff are not to be paid attention to. It's very important to have ideas to share, isn't it?

That's the way I've been teaching my students, and that is my way. And what is yours?